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Sharp Park Golf Course does not generate revenue for San Francisco or for the City of Pacifica.

Sharp Park Golf Course makes money for the City of San Francisco. Sharp Park is the only San Francisco golf course which has met or exceeded revenue projections by the Recreation and Parks Department Accounting Office. Note: Sharp Park is the only course not listed as losing money for San Francisco... (more)

Sharp Park Golf Course endangers the existence of the California red legged frog and the San Francisco garter snake

Sharp Park Golf Course Management and Golf Course Maintenance Staff have done everything possible to ensure that the California red legged frog and San Francisco garter snake are protected. The City of Pacifica and San Mateo County are noted for their staunch advocacy of Environmental Protection...(more)

Why should San Francisco maintain a course not used by San Francisco residents given that Sharp Park caters primarily to Pacificans and other peninsula residents?

Sharp Park Management was ordered by the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department to conduct a study to determine who plays golf at Sharp Park Golf Course. The results: Over 71% of players playing Sharp Park Golf Course reside in San Francisco... (more)