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Recreation and the Environment in Pacifica

Sharp Park Golf Course is one part of a diverse set of coastal recreational opportunities within Pacifica that are provided to the public mostly at no cost by a variety of public agencies including the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, the City of Pacifica, the City of San Francisco, California Wildlife Conservation Board and California State Parks Department. For many years the City of Pacifica has worked with many agencies including the Coastal Commission, Federal Fish and Wildlife Service and State Fish and Game to protect and maintain vital natural resources for future generations.

These recreational opportunities for both active and passive recreation have been explored and developed through the efforts of the Pacifica community and partners going back to the 1970s. While there are many throughout Pacifica, the recreation opportunities located adjacent to and on the San Francisco property include:

  • The California Coastal Trail (Developed by City of Pacifica with financial support from the State Coastal Conservancy, the City/County Association of Governments, and the National Parks Conservancy)
  • Mori Point Lands (Acquired for the GGNRA with the support of the Pacifica Land Trust, the Trust for Public Lands and the Coastal Conservancy)
  • Sweeney Ridge (Acquired by the GGNRA through the relentless efforts of PUSH - (Pacificans United to Save Our Hills)
  • Pacifica Pier (One of the last ocean fishing piers along the coast, free to the public, maintained by the City of Pacifica with additional support from the California Wildlife Conservation Board)
  • Sharp Park State Beach and Beach Boulevard Promenade (Maintained by the City of Pacifica)
  • Sharp Park Archery Range (On City of San Francisco property within the City of Pacifica, managed by group of local volunteer archers for families to enjoy with limited cost)
  • Sharp Park Golf Course (On City of San Francisco property within the City of Pacifica, managed for the City of San Francisco by an independent operator. Of note: the SFPUC is working with Pacifica's Water Department and the City of Pacifica's Wastewater Recycling Plant to bring recycled water to the golf course)

All of these various recreational assets have co-existed for decades and have provided residents of the greater bay area with a diverse set of recreational opportunities in a natural setting and in harmony with the environment...a value which is embraced by Pacifica residents. The City of Pacifica and the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors recently approved resolutions requesting San Francisco's support for the continuation of the Sharp Park Golf Course as a golf course. It is a healthy, natural outdoor activity that increases the choices available for those seeking recreational opportunities along the coast.